Mistletoe: Four Holiday Stories (Stocking Stuffer Review)

What is a Stocking Stuffer review? Well, it’s short + sweet, and features a holiday / winter-y book.


Mistletoe Four Holiday StoriesWith stories by: Hailey Abbot | Melissa de la Cruz | Aimee Friedman | Nina Malkin
Released October 2006 from Scholastic Books.
Paperback bought used from Amazon. (No longer in print.)

I’ve been searching for another collection of holiday short stories since I read Let It Snow almost two holidays ago. Mistletoe‘s stories are a little shorter, and less developed but I still had a merry time reading them. The characters range from high school to college-aged to celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah — mall jobs, crushing on the wrong person,a Hollywood star, and discovering the true meaning of the holidays. I was practically giddy with the first two stories because they were set in two places I know well — NYC and North Jersey. (Seriously, a mall I used to frequent was name-dropped!)

It seems to be the case that there is always one story in these sets that I like less than others (while I loved the different writing style, the third story set up like a screenplay was a little slow) but Mistletoe is perfect to have on hand during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Slip in a bookmark and pick it up when you need a break from wrapping, sipping peppermint mochas, or caroling with your pals.

I know it’ll be a treat to cozy up with this one when the weather gets a little chillier and this time of year comes swinging through again!

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