City Love Prep | BEA Part of It 2015

This past weekend, I took Susane Colasante’s new book, City Love, to my favorite park in Long Island City and read about three girls — a local and two transplants — who were beginning a new stage in their life in the Big Apple. I love hearing about people discovering the sights and sounds of the city. One of the biggest takeaway from the book is the reminder to LOOK AROUND IT and TAKE IT ALL IN. So those of you who are returning to NYC or visiting for the very first time, don’t let yourself get trapped in a conference center for too long.

City Love by Susane Colasante in LIC

Big thanks to everyone who took part in our third annual BEA Part of It series (2013 & 2014). I love hosting it, and while it’s exciting BEA will find a new home in Chicago next year, I’ll miss putting this collection together.

For those of you looking for some city recommendations while you are in town next week or sometime in the future, here’s the full rundown:

Resources on the actual conference:


Remember: Have fun! This is your vacation too! Happy packing & happy travels! xo