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Magan: Reboot by Amy Tintera

book cover for Reboot by Amy TinteraReboot by Amy Tintera (Twitter | Website)
Publication Date
: May 7, 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 352
Target audience: Young Adult
Keywords: science fiction, dystopia, broken society, survival
Format read: ARC from Edelweiss via Publisher (Thanks!)

Summary: Wren is a Reboot; she died and her body came back to life after being dead for 178 minutes. As a dedicated soldier for five years, she suddenly finds herself questioning her livelihood and well being when she’s given an ultimatum and her best friend, also a Reboot, begins to go crazy.

Wren, or One-seventy-eight as she’s referred to in the Reboot facility, died from three bullet wounds. For 178 minutes she was dead. Then her body rebooted and became a stronger, faster, less emotional version of her human self. She awoke as a Reboot.

For five years, Wren has lived in the Rosa Reboot facility, going on assignments to kill or capture humans, rebels, or other Reboots. She is HARC’s (a government organization) token soldier. When humans die and reboot, they are referred to and categorized by the number of minutes they were dead. Wren is one of the only Reboots to have been dead so long. The longer you take to reboot, the better the soldier you make because you lose your attachment to your human self, your memories, your emotions.

Since she’s one of the very best, Wren is a trainer of new Reboots that enter the facility. Upon meeting one of the newbies, Callum, who asks her to train him, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to train the lower numbers to be better soldiers. Callum is a twenty-two; she’s never trained anyone so low — in fact, it’s rare for someone to reboot so quickly. Intrigued by the challenge to make him into a better soldier, she chooses him as her trainee. Callum is slow and weak, he questions absolutely everything, isn’t shy about his attraction to Wren, and definitely isn’t much of a fighter.

Wren has her work cut out for her. Especially when she’s given an ultimatum by the head of HARC to whip Callum into shape … or else. When her roommate, Ever, suddenly stops sleeping and becomes a vicious version of herself in the night, Wren, the girl who follows all the rules and never questions assignments, suddenly begins to feel trapped. She realizes she has no control over her life, but also realizes that if she fights back, she might be choosing to return to the slums of Austin where bad memories of her childhood haunt her.

Reboot by Amy Tintera is a quick and fast-paced read; she pulls you into the story from the first pages where you meet Wren as she’s out on assignment. As someone who had trouble breaking the rules, I could easily relate to Wren. Everything fit inside a nice, neat box and operated according to plan. Always. Until Callum came along. Maybe you guys were more prone to question than I was, but I specifically remember a class I had in college that made me think differently. I was pushed to discuss things I believed, but didn’t want to argue about. Wren’s connection with Callum felt so much like my college class. Why did she trust HARC? Why was she okay with killing people? Was there a better life for her out there?

And, of course, the Callum love doesn’t stop at his ability to open Wren’s eyes. This may sound odd, but before Callum, Wren is basically an asexual being. She has no interest in being kissed or having sex or doing anything with anyone. Her gunshot wound scars are her biggest insecurity and she’s not sure why anyone would want her. When Callum waltzes into her life, she’s not quite sure what to think of all her feelings and attraction to him. It definitely makes for some great inner dialogue and delicious sexual tension between the two.

Reboot is Amy’s debut novel. And friends, it’s so worth the read. It’s a great new take on a broken down society with a fantastic female character that will make you want to be a little more bad ass, a boy who will make you laugh at all the ways he just doesn’t fit in, and heart pounding build-up that won’t allow you to put the book down without finishing.

And hey, guess what? Reboot hit bookstores yesterday, so swing by your local bookstore on your way home this evening!

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