DIY Bookish Gifts for Your Friends

The saying goes that Christmastime is the best time of the year… but it can also be one of the most expensive. I’m a girl who loves a good DIY project and the fact that I can customize the gift to my friend’s specific liking. My sister was thrilled last year when I made her a wreath for her first apartment as part of her gift. When she hung it on her door, she texted me a picture of it. When she later moved to a new apartment, I received another text from her showing me that she was still enjoying it in her new place.

It felt so, so great to know that my sister loved the gift I spent a few hours making for her. It was a way we stayed connected and it helped me (much to my husband’s surprise excitement) stay on budget.

I’ve pulled a few DIY bookish gifts you could make and gift your friends. If you’ve seen something that you love (and maybe have pinned on pinterest), please share the link below!

*Please note — all images taken of the projects are borrowed from the sites linked with the instructions below.

DIY Bookish Projects

01. Decorative Wreath Made Out of Book Pages — I need this in my life. I think I would flip a lid if someone gifted me with this. Lindsay, the blogger who posted this wreath tutorial, spent $2 making this wreath compared to the $40-50 she saw it being sold for. Ah-mazing! 

02. Vintage Book DIY Garland — I’m pretty sure I should make my Christmas tree book-themed next year. This would be spectacular. I love this garland because it could really be left out all year. I would love to have it draped over my bookshelves in my living room.

03. DIY Telephone Bookends — I don’t know about you guys, but bookends can sometimes be a little underwhelming. Finding an item your book-loving friend loves and turning it into a bookend is a fantastic idea. Love the vintage feel of these telephones. And the fact that I just said vintage and remember using them growing up makes me feel super old.

04. Yarn Ball (Pom) Bookmarks — Ok, so I always, always lose bookmarks. Always. If I received a bundle of these, I’d be a happy girl. A skein of yarn is a few dollars and will make tons and tons of these guys. I want some of these just to be cute and decorative in my books on the shelves.

gift ideas for book lovers

05. DIY Kindle or Nook Cover — Every e-reader owner I know (myself & E included) is always on the lookout for an adorable cover. It’s hard to find one that’s not overly priced and super chunky. Why not make one for your friend? You could have a field day with fun fabrics. I know if a friend made one for me, I’d be over the moon. That’s thoughtful, friends.

06. DIY Pillow with Stenciled Quote — I don’t think this project was originally suggested as a bookish project, but if you knew a quote from one of your friend’s favorite books, you could easily stencil it on burlap and whip together a custom pillow for him or her.

custom note cards and DIY magnet board with scrabble letters

07. Custom Watercolor Note Cards — This photograph is for cards that say “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” BUT I think they’d make awesome custom cards for a friend. Make a series of cards from one book or a set of random favorite quotes – any way you do it, this is awesome!

08. DIY Magnet Board with Scrabble Piece Letters — Is anyone else super obsessed with scrabble letters? This project seems so simple and so impactful. What a fun way to incorporate book pages and make it a useful gift too!