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Happy 40th anniversary to Natalie Babbitt and the brilliant Tuck Everlasting! I can still remember the impact this book had on my 6th grade class when we read it for the first time. After years of school and piles and piles of books, there are only a few titles that really stick with you, aren’t there? So it’s nice to see that Tuck has touched so many and will continue to do so.

In the spirit of the book’s anniversary, the folks at Macmillan have asked us to mull over the following question:

What if you could live forever?

At first glance, the prospect of living forever sounds so attractive. The thought of no longer existing is frightening and avoiding that kind of unknown might seem like an appealing alternative but what happens when all the people you love continue to leave you — over and over again? It’s the kind of heartbreak no one would wish on themselves.

There’s something about a finish line. Even if we don’t have an exact date and time, limitations are important. It’s easy to put things off until the next day when there’s no urgency. We do it all the time in our daily lives, but imagine not having that kind of boundary ever. Could an overabundance of lifetimes make us less motivated? Less focused?

So man of those inspirational quotes we hear time and time again are about the shortness of life, how we must live for today because the future is never a sure thing. Not everyone takes this to heart. We all know that life comes to an end eventually but that doesn’t change the fact that some people are motivated to make the most of it and others are not. In fact, I find that instead of wishing for a life that goes on forever, I’m hoping for the wonderful days to stretch a little bit longer and for a little more ease when it comes to planning time with family and friends.

Would it be nice to see my future kids grow up to be grandparents or see if we ever ride hovercrafts to work? If newspapers and print media stick around or what the next best thing is after the internet? A small selfish part of me wishes I could experience it all (or pop in whenever I feel like it) but I’m okay knowing that I won’t.

I want to live quality days, every day. I want to remember to appreciate the special moments. And most importantly, I wouldn’t have to live a life where I had to be any less open, or less likely to connect with others because of a secret circumstances like everlasting life.

About TUCK EVERLASTING (from Macmillian): Blessed with—or doomed to—eternal life after drinking from a magic spring, the Tuck family wanders about trying to live as inconspicuously and comfortably as they can. When ten-year-old Winnie Foster stumbles on their secret, the Tucks take her home and explain why living forever at one age is less of a blessing than it might seem. Complications arise when Winnie is followed by a stranger who wants to market the spring water for a fortune.

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Tuck Everlasting 40th Anniversary -- #tuck40th

The new 40th edition of TUCK EVERLASTING released on January 20, 2015 with a foreword from Wicked author Gregory Maguire.

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