Tune In Tuesday: My Teen Self #3

tune in tuesday greadsbooks.com Good morning! It’s time for another trip into my musical teenage canon with Tune in Tuesday! I’m really enjoying this meme that Ginger of GReadsBooks has organized and I hope that you are too! It’s been very therapeutic and just funny what the mind remembers!

Since I’m being all open about my disasterious love triangles, here’s a fun one. The crazy time when I had a major crush on my boss at work and he had a crazy girlfriend who hated me just because I worked in the same store. That’s just the innocent part of the story too.

After working together for a few months and growing closer because of this crazy girlfriend and her “weird” beliefs as to what was NOT going on, we started making mixed CDs for one another. I was totally trying to throw all the feelings I could not say onto these tapes as non-chalantly as possible. Like, hey! I’m a girl and I totally love sappy songs so this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you. I promise. (But it has everything to do with you!)

And you’ll see from the handful I chose to share with you, he was definitely doing the same thing.

Anyway, even though this all happened almost 10 years ago (UGH), and we are both happily married people, we still talk about those mixtapes and I listen to quite a bit of the songs still. (I know he still listens to my Christmas mixes… because, let me tell you, they are pretty stinkin awesome!)

Here are a few of the songs he introduced me to:

Sugarcult – Pretty Girl

The Starting Line – Best of Me

Darren Hayes – Insatiable (He’s from Savage Garden!)

Boyz II Men – Oh Well

Kristian Leontiou – Shining

Don’t some of these just make you want to swoon? I’m glad I can listen to them now and not feel so sad anymore.

P.S. Yes, I was obsessed with boys.

Tune in Tuesday: My Teen Self #1


I’m so excited to take part in GReads’ Tune in Tuesday this month for an excellent theme: songs I listened to when I was a teenager. This is going to be so much fun and — I am just imagining — incredibly angsty. Oh the joys of high school. Pre-iPod! Listening to mix cassette tapes on band trips, exchanging mixes on CDs, and how a lot of my music taste was influenced by songs I was twirling to in band.

Today’s songs are some I learned of from one of my classmates/super good friends, Karina, (who may or may not read this! Hi friend!) in our junior year creative writing class. She and I always ended up partners somehow or sitting next to each other. I had this notebook that I would COVER in notes and lyrics. I still have it somewhere. Anyway she was always doing the same thing and introduced me to Alana Davis, Plumb, Ginny Owens, and Avril Lavigne. Enjoy! – Estelle

Alana Davis: 32 Flavors. (I had no idea this was a cover of an Ani DiFranco song.)

Plumb: Here With Me

Ginny Owens: If You Want Me To

Avril Lavigne: Complicated

Oh geez… I think I have to go write in my journal now. haha. Oh high school.