Estelle: Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery

Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery: Fool's Gold seriesTwo of a Kind by Susan Mallery ( web | tweet )
Part of the Fool’s Gold series.
Publication Date: June 25, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Pages: 379
Target audience: Adult
Keywords: romance, new jobs, surprises
Format read: eBook from Publisher via NetGalley (Thanks!)

Summary: Felicia and Gideon had one night together many moons ago. And Felicia has never forgotten it. When the two reunite in Fool’s Gold, much has changed: Felicia is making her home there, recruited for a huge job linked to the town’s traditions and Gideon is still reeling from his capture and torturing. He can’t promise Felicia much but when she asks him a favor, he’s glad they have each other’s back because life isn’t done surprising the two.

The Fool’s Gold series continues to suck me in!

What you need to know about Felicia: She is so book smart and so sheltered that she talks in such technicalities and sounds like a walking textbook. Even when it comes to sex. While I sometimes felt embarrassed for her, this quality also made her genuinely honest and straightforward. (Fun fact: instead of putting leaves or hearts on top of lattes she wants to make pi symbols. Does that not explain everything?)

What you need to know about Gideon: He’s reeling from post-tramautic stress disorder after being held captive for two years and watching his fellow captives die one by one. Known as the sexy voice behind Fool’s Gold’s radio station, he tends to keep people at a distance and doesn’t want to ever get emotionally involved.

So what’s their deal?: After a wild night together years ago, Felicia still finds that Gideon is the only guy she thinks about being with. Especially now that she feels ready to settle down and have a family. Meeting again in Fool’s Gold is such a perfect coincidence and their chemistry is still red hot, but Gideon isn’t looking for forever and tells her so. Instead Gideon agrees to help Felicia out: she’s never been on a date, doesn’t understand what it’s like, and she wants him to guide her. Will Gideon’s mind be changed? Will Felicia fall for him completely?

Two of a Kind starts out a little slow but I think that has to do with getting used to how Felicia communicates with people. She’s been forced to be a loner most of her life, found comfort in her studies, and sounds a little like a robot. But lucky for her she has many great girlfriends and Gideon to teach her how to be “normal”. (Something she so desperately wants to feel.) Her new job — organizing the town’s many themed festivals — throws her out of her comfort zone, gets her in touch with the Fool’s Gold community, and makes her feel at home (despite her insecurites).

But in her personal life, things are heating up up up with Gideon. (Two words: the deck.) As much as she tries to, she can’t control her feelings for him and as a reader you wonder when Gideon is going to just let go and see what happens with her. It is one sexy ride filled with a twist that brings its own little charms into the story. I really liked how Felicia and Gideon’s lives mirrored one another even if their circumstances were substantially different; they are both so used to depending on themselves that they weren’t so confident in their feelings and teaming up with someone else.

Two of a Kind is sweet, sexy, and fun just like a romance novel should be but it also has some great girlfriend moments, matchmaking little kids, and a sincere town mayor that really does have eyes behind her head. And in true Mallery style, she makes some new character introductions that made me even more enthused to pick up the next couple of books.

The obsession grows…

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