Sweet Summertime Reads - Summer Beach Reads Feature with Fiction Folio and GReads!

Sweet Summertime Reads: Beach Bags Galore!

Sweet Summertime Reads - Summer Beach Reads Feature

Hello, hot hot summer! Yesterday Ginger at GReads! shared what’s in her beach bag. Today we’re doing the same. Quite frankly, we’re longing for days at the beach to escape work and day-to-day life busyness. Oh, to smell like sunscreen while spending a long day with sand collecting between your toes…


I’m a terrible packer. Terrible. I over pack and bring a million and a half things just because I *might* need them.  I’m pretty pleased with how practical my hypothetical beach bag appears to be packed. (And yes, you do see two beach bags. One for beach-y things, one for books.)

modcloth inspired summer beach bag

  1. Paradise Beach Bag — Gotta love a good summertime tote to pack along all the sunscreen and snacks. (I’m practically clear – I’m so pale. The sunscreen is an absolute given.)
  2. Crossing Sandals — Sand in the summer = HOT. Scorching hot. Cute sandals are a necessity when strolling along the beach.
  3. Pastel Sunglasses — Must protect the eyes from UVA/UVB rays.
  4. Color Block Beach Towel — I own a couple of this exact towel from Target. I love the gradient of colors.
  5. Striped Backpack — So here’s the bag I would stuff FULL OF BOOKS. Because somehow I convince myself I’ll have time to read 33 books in one day. (That’s possible, right?) 😉
  6. Books, Books, Books (duh!) — I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson are two books I have to read this summer. I just purchased Sophie’s book this past week (!!) and I’ve had Morgan’s glaring at me from my bookshelf. Cannot wait for some time to devour these.
  7. Chic Hat — I’m not usually much of a hat girl, but there’s something about going to the beach that makes me feel sassy when I wear an awesome hat. And it protects my head from getting sunburned. Nothing hurts worse than a sunburn on your scalp!


When my husband and I lived 15 minutes from the beach last year, we used to jump in the car after I commuted home in our work clothes and head over to eat dinner on the sand. It was always surprising how crowded the beach was at that time, but still, a nice way to end the day after a bustling twelve hours in the city. Now that we’ve moved, it’s not possible for us to do this anymore so my beach bag is dedicated to this fun tradition. (That we may be able to revive on weekends, I hope.)

Sweet Summertime Reads Estelle's Beach Bag Sunset Nights

1. kate spade picnic basket: Stylish and functional!
2. pose garden sandal: Cute sandals that are so work appropriate. (Wouldn’t they look great with a pencil skirt?)
3. fujifilm instax MINI: One of my favorite Christmas presents that I would love to bring to the beach and capture the sun going down, the surf, or even just some candids of the husband and I.
4. goldfish pizza flavored: A childhood tradition that I’ve kept going in my grown-up life. I always remember my mom and dad throwing Goldfish in our beach bags during the summer and I can’t eat the Pizza ones without thinking of those fun times. I’m always sure to throw some in our beach bag.

So what about the books? I think I’m still in wedding mode after this weekend because I was thinking of something “old” (totally classic, a major re-read) and something new to recommend as fantastic beach read options.

something “old”: From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas | A crazy, unexpected road trip between the most popular guy at school and a stick-in-the-mud super responsible gal to Mexico. I read this on my cruise last June and I have so many fond memories of reading it. Must take a second spin with it soon!

something new: Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas | This mature young adult thriller comes out July 16 (but my review is up on Thursday) and was seriously so difficult to put down. (You might get a pretty spectacular tan if you bring this one to the beach because I guarantee you will not want to move.) It’s about a group of friends who spend their senior year of spring break in Aruba where one of their friends ends up murdered and another charged for the crime. So so so creepy good.


What is a must in your beach bag? Most importantly, what books are you bringing to the beach?!

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