stack of hunger games books passed out for world book night 2012

Magan: World Book Night Recap

stack of hunger games books passed out for world book night 2012


WHO: Last Monday, I had the chance to volunteer for World Book Night with a few of my favorite bookish people: Jen, Stephanie, Jennifer, and Megan.

WHAT & WHEN: You may be wondering what this event was. If you want to learn it in more detail, you can visit the official World Book Night website. In a nutshell, April 23rd was dedicated to sharing books with people (for free!). THIRTY, yes, 30, authors relinquished the rights to their books for World Book Night. That means they made absolutely nothing from the copies of their books that were printed and spread around the country.


The goal was for volunteers to pass out one million books on

World Book Night across the United States.


WHERE: In advance, team leaders (like Jen and Stephanie) were to request a number of books they would commit to passing out. The five of us loaded into Jen’s suburban, prepped with tons of books. (I have no idea what the final handout number from our small group was.) This makes me so proud of the city I live in: Austin was the number one city for the most volunteers and book requests. Go, Austin!

Our small group went around to pass out books to children’s homes, kids studying to get their GED, families and random dog walkers in parks, and homeless people. We gladly passed along a book to anyone that seemed remotely interested in receiving a book.




WHY: I think it was really special for our group to hand out books to people who don’t have the same opportunities to purchase them as often or frequently as we do.. if at all. We handed out a ton of books to kids who were beyond excited to grab a copy of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that could be just for them. A book they could call their own that they could actually write their names in on the inside.

It was a huge personal reality check because I look now at my bookshelves and books are indispensable to me. Yet, they are a part of my well-being that I take for granted. Without a second thought, I can easily pull a book off my shelf to read.




It was so incredible to be able to promote reading

and place a book in someone’s hands.




Keep a lookout at Jen’s blog for her recap and more information!

How You Can Get Involved: Mark your calendar for World Book Night 2013. The date is to be announced, but really, this is a fantastic opportunity to give back to your community and actively promote books! Do it – get involved.







This was our team (yay for the Capitol in the background…and also, photo credit/props to Jen) minus Jen, who was actually, ya know, taking the photograph.

Thanks to these ladies for making the evening so awesome! (Next year, I’d love it if I got to see your awesome face on our team for World Book Night.)