Estelle: We’re Not Talking About Books Q&A

Good morning, friends!  Today I’m answering some questions that Magan sent me a few days ago. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series so far! It’s been so fun to reflect on the past year together and share it with you. (If you misses Magan’s Q&A, here it is!)



What are your favorite go-to places to shop? I know we both have so much love for Fossil, Modcloth, and all things Kate Spade, but what are your hidden gems?

Oh shopping! I buy a lot of my clothes at The Loft — but I guess one of my “hidden gems” is American Eagle. I feel super old even admitting this but I have gotten some great tops there this year, and I love their accessories. (I’m still a little scared of their jeans because of the junior sizes but Aerie has some comfortable yoga pants.

Tell me about one of your favorite Disney moments of all time…

Ah! That’s so tough to narrow down. I just went on a great trip in November with a bunch of friends I met from blogging about Disney and it was such a blast. But one of my favorite memories is from my honeymoon back in 2011. We wore those silly bride and groom Mickey ears and went to take pictures with some characters. Chip and Dale performed an entire wedding ceremony for us in front of the people waiting in line to meet them and it was so much fun! The cast members were lovely and took a ton of pictures of it for us.

Best Disney Moment Rather Be Reading Blog

You mentioned in one of your questions to me that I’ve become more selfless this year; when I think about you, I see that you seem like a stronger, more confident woman. What changes occurred in 2013 that led to this refined you?

Oh gosh. I really appreciate that. Maybe because we are almost to 2014, but I think I’ve been pretty self-reflective the past few weeks. I can’t help it. It’s been a fantastic year — definitely in the marriage, friendship, hobby, and work categories. But some other things haven’t been so great, and I think I’m just trying to learn from those? Surround yourself with people who are honest with you, have your back, and are truly there when you need them? It’s been quite a transition period for me… moving in the past year, taking on more side projects, and meeting new people and I’m learning that if you want something, you have to ask for it or just go for it. There’s that too. You never know what’s going to happen, and you never know how opportunities are going to impact your life. (In a good way.) I don’t know if all of that has made me “stronger, [and] more confident” because half the time I feel like this super flawed teenager but… I’m trying so I think that counts for something. Oh also… lower your expectations. This is something I need tattooed to my arm because I tend to forget it. But it does make things less stressful.

What are a few things in 2013 that you hoped to achieve/accomplish/experience that maybe you didn’t get to and hope to in 2014?

One thing that stands out is writing for myself? I bought a new journal before my trip to see you in Austin, and the pages inside are still blank. I really need to get on that. (Of course there are also a ton of practical things like saving enough money, not buying a ton of books… haha. Those GROWN UP THINGS.)

Reflecting on your year+ of James being in law school and you guys moving to an apartment in the city, how do you feel those changes impacted your life in 2013?

First of all, being closer to the city has been amazing for us.  We have explored more in the past year than we did in 3 years when we had our house in Long Island and I’m so grateful for that opportunity. With James so busy, I’ve realized just how precious free time is and we try to make the most of it. It’s also inspiring to see your partner working so hard to achieve something, and it has really pushed me to do better for myself.

View from Subway Stop Rather Be Reading Blog

Will you forgive me for not having a real Christmas tree? PLEASE?

I need to talk this over with my therapist.

What do you think is in store for Miley Cyrus in 2014?

I hope the media can stop reporting on her lack of clothes? That would be a start. I’m actually excited for her. I feel like she threw herself into this new record (which is really really great) and made such a splash so maybe something a little bit more low key from her? She is so talented and I want people to recognize her for her voice over her twerking. That is at least my wish for her.

Describe one of your best days from 2013. Tell us what happened and why it was so amazing!

One weekend when James was super busy during the summer, I decided to visit my parents and we got to do a day trip to the shore. It was the first time we all hung out together down the shore (minus James) since maybe high school? It was so much fun, and I was even more grateful for the trip after a really terrible fire ripped through the boardwalk we always visit a few months afterwards. It was extremely devastating to watch so many places we frequented for years and years destroyed. I’m happy we were able to squeeze in some recent memories. It was such a fantastic day especially because the opportunities to hang out like that are so rare now.

Top 2013 Memory Rather Be Reading Blog in Seaside Heights

As someone who has never been to Disney World, where do I even begin planning a trip and what are the absolute must-sees? Oh, and when’s the best time of year to go?

Basically, just take me! I will be your tour guide! But seriously, best time of year depends on who you are going with. Couple trip vs. family trip? I wouldn’t suggest spring break or during Christmas break (super crowded) but for a couple, I love going in the fall because of the Food & Wine festival (lots of foods to try from around the world, and the weather is awesome). I always try to tell people to go down there with the “we will do what we can” mindset because it can get overwhelming and it’s just not possible to do everything and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Best spots to check out when planning are: AllEars.Net, Disney Food Blog, Eating WDW, and Touring Plans.

What is a lifetime goal that you hope to accomplish? (I know, I know. I’m being super nosey!)

I still would love to write books. But books don’t get written just by thinking of them… so. Should probably do something about that.


Hope you enjoyed that! How would you answer any of these questions?

5 thoughts on “Estelle: We’re Not Talking About Books Q&A

  1. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook says:

    I love these questions, Magan. And I loved seeing what you had to say, Estelle.

    First, how cute was that Disney World Wedding Ceremony by Chip and Dale. So cute.

    Oh, and can you be my tour guide in Disney World, too, Estelle? I’ve been there quite a few times before (maybe 4 times, I think) but there are always things I miss.

  2. Bookworm1858 says:

    Love the tips for Disney-we’re leaving on Thursday for a trip to Disney and I can’t wait!!! (I’ve been to Disneyland a couple of times this year but not WDW for 8 years and I miss it!)

  3. Alexa S. says:

    I really love that you guys did these posts! It’s great to get to know even more about each of you on a personal level. I love hearing about what 2013 has been like for you, E, and I really look forward to our friendship growing and more fun hangouts and conversations this 2014! <3

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