The Prince of Venice Beach Themed Gift-Pack (for Boys!)

Howdy, friends! Last week I reviewed The Prince of Venice Beach by Blake Nelson. While I read it, I couldn’t help but jot down a list of things Cali did or items that seemed significant. I was so inspired to turn all of these into a themed-gift-pack because a) we haven’t done one for guys before and b) it’s been a while since we did a gift-pack. Two birds, one stone, my friends! If you have a special male someone you are in need of gift ideas for, I hope this book inspired gift-pack will get your wheels turning!


gift ideas based on a book for boys


  1. Tree House — Cali lives in a tree house, and maybe it’s a little pricey to build a tree house, but how about a nice stroll through a park? That would be woods-y.
  2. Picnic Basket — Imagine the date nights in the tree house. 😉 Or, ahem, the park.
  3. Mossimo Red and Navy Striped Swimsuit — A necessity when you live around Venice Beach.
  4. Mötley Crüe Tickets — Cali listens to these guys throughout the book. I think he would have appreciated being gifted tickets.
  5. Diamond Ixtapa Skateboard — The skateboard provides transportation for Cali as he’s on one of his secret people-finding missions.
  6. The Big Sleep Book by Raymond Chandler — Cali’s a reader. Gotta love guys who are into books, too!
  7. Movie Tickets — He takes his friend Ailis out to the movies for a non-date date.
  8. Red Air Jordans — I’m not giving away any details here about how these are incorporated into The Prince of Venice Beach, but I really liked the little scene they played a part in.
  9. Library Pass — Remember how I mentioned Cali loves books? I know you can’t really “gift” a library card, but maybe you could take a picnic basket and have library dates with your main squeeze!


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