The Unlikely Start of Me and Him

“Max was just so intimidatingly real.” – The Start of Me and You, Emery Lord

A few weeks ago when I read The Start of Me and You, I stopped myself on the page with the above quote (note: it’s from an ARC so it might not be in the final book but I hope it is) and thought: Hm. This reminds me of something. And then Emery leads into how Max is “not glamorous or idealized or complicated” and a light bulb went off. When I first met James, that was exactly what it was like. I always tell the story that I didn’t like him in college, but then after he graduated and I went off to a different school for my junior year, we reconnected and decided to meet up. We went to school for two years together, had many of the same classes, but never even had a cup of coffee in our cafeteria together. (No, we just shared awkward moments in the newspaper office and later, a grocery store.)

The first meeting didn’t feel right to me. Why? Because he was just so nice. He listened to what I said, he shared stories about his family with me, and he was generally curious. Sure, he smoked and his hair was long and in need of some product but he had a nice laugh and a great smile and didn’t chew loudly or anything embarrassing like that. As far as “first dates” go, I should have had no complaints but I was sure I didn’t want to go out with him again.

Why is it so hard to admit things are actually good?

My heart was confused. When I was forced to switch schools, a part of me thought I would get back together with my serious boyfriend from a few years before. I was sure if I had never gone long distance, we could make our relationship work and now I wasn’t as far. Everything about wanting him, being with him, and feeling disappointed by him was filled with such intensity. It was LOVE. It’s this all-powerful thing and it’s supposed to be loud and conquering and make your heart hurt, right? I was sure he and I were meant to be. This huge passionate love story that would end with a beautiful happily-ever-after. Surely, all the crying and “fighting” for him all happened for that very reason, right?

I think it’s really hard to come down from something like that. Reconcile with yourself that sometimes putting your all into something doesn’t work out. That maybe not all love stories are drowning in drama; that the chase should never seem never-ending. Your heart should not always be bruised. The happy moments should outweigh the difficult ones. And sometimes all the hope and all the effort in the world does not overcome all the cracks.

This is why I can totally relate to Paige’s “a-ha” moment. I invested four years of my life alternating between being a complete puddle vs. silly in love all to end up (kind of where we had started) getting very upset in the aisle of a dollar store. Then I re-meet this guy who I totally misjudged and it felt so easy. Too easy. Is this what love is all about? I’m still not sure but I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself and I went out with him a second time.

James at Coney IslandI never went on another date with anyone else again.

Today we’re celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary and as I write this, I’m realizing the difficult parts of our relationship didn’t pop up until later. Not the difficult kind of moments where I doubted we would make it or anything but moments I never would have predicted based on how easily we fell into a rhythm with one another. Love does not shield you from unexpected surprises or loss. It can’t protect you from hurt, but it can help you heal. It forces you be flexible and compassionate with one another, even when you might not understand it or necessarily want to be. As a couple, we’ve certainly been tested and I know those days are not over. But I can say that I have never loved harder because of those times. I read so much about focusing on your “baby family” before saying “I do” and I stand by that advice. That bond is the foundation of your commitment. You have to believe in it and each other when the going gets tough.

But the good times, man, they are good. Whether we’re splitting a pizza or a dozen cookies, or he’s playing a video game and I’m reading next to him on the couch, I’m so incredibly lucky to be married someone who (mostly) understands my crazy quirks and encourages me to push harder and be better. He also still deals with me when I’m hangry or super exhausted. He will randomly tell me that he is still so crazy about me, I’ll tell him to shut up, but secretly I love it. It’s likely we’ll never foresee who exactly is going to make a huge impact on our lives. Like Max for Paige, or me with James — the newspaper editor I once yelled at and then totally wrote off. Maybe the best things do happen when we place the least amount of pressure on them.

9 thoughts on “The Unlikely Start of Me and Him

  1. Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide says:

    What a beautiful post, Estelle! And happy anniversary!!!!
    I just love reading things like this and hearing other people’s own personal love story. This meant a lot to me: ” Reconcile with yourself that sometimes putting your all into something doesn’t work out.” because YES. I can’t tell you how many times I had a crush — or even outside of a romantic relationship, just thought that if I wanted it enough, it SHOULD work. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you think that’s exactly what should happen in your life because you want it and you FEEL it… But life has a funny way of not letting those things happen because there’s something even MORE perfect that we don’t even know about at the time. It’s the hardest thing to move past because you DON’T know about this something amazing (and again, speaking to more than just romantic relationships but that also happened many times for me (but I was never serious with anyone before Shane so it was a bit easier for me))
    Anyway. It makes me so happy to hear how happy you are! It doesn’t have to be grand romantic gestures. I fell in love all over again when my Portuguese version of Harry Potter came in the mail the other day and was SO EXCITED and Shane laughed and said, “You’re SUCH a nerd and I love it.” It was something so silly and simple but it reminded me that we love each other for exactly who we are and yes, we are constantly growing but we have that same foundation that makes our marriage great. I’m sure we’ll have many bumps along the way but I have confidence that we’ll pull through them just fine!
    Thanks for sharing your story! It was so lovely to read — and I hope to meet James someday too! 🙂 Happy anniversary to you both! xo!

  2. Elena says:

    ESTELLE!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARYYYYYY! So much love to you and J! I really loved this post, it made my heart so full. I am so so happy for you! You’re right, it does seem like love should be this outright passionate encompassing thing and sometimes it is but sometimes it’s the nuances and inner strength and ease. I hope you guys have the most wonderful day.

  3. Alexa S. says:

    This post is lovely, E! I liked hearing your take on love, and found myself nodding in agreement quite a few times. You’ve captured your feelings so wonderfully, and I’ve got to applaud you for that! (And for making me cry…)

  4. Sarah @ What Sarah Read says:

    First of all…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! My husband and I celebrated four years back in October. Amazing how quickly is goes by right?

    I can relate to this post SO much! When I first met my husband I was totally thrown off by how uncomplicated and easy our relationship was. I was always waiting for something bad to happen, so I didn’t really allow myself to fully settle into the relationship until well after we were engaged. Like, literally a month before the wedding I was freaking out. Not cold feet, not at all. I was just still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was in a healthy, loving relationship that didn’t require drama or heartache. My previous relationship was soooo opposite of what I was experiencing with my (then) fiancé and I worked so hard not to project those past experiences on my current relationship. To be honest, I still have to check myself every once in a while. As you can probably guess, my past relationship was pretty horrible. THANKFULLY, I found my current hubby and things are so blissfully normal!

    So, thank you so much for opening up about your relationship. This post is so beautiful and I’m so glad you wrote it! xo

  5. Topaz @ Six Impossible Things says:

    Oh my goodness, what an absolutely gorgeous tale. My heart is singing. Happy anniversary to both you and your lovely husband – I’m so incredibly glad that you managed to find your happily ever after, even if Prince Charming, wasn’t quite who you expected. <3

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