Three Holiday Novellas (And a Partridge in a Pear Tree)

Fa la la la novella la la la. (Did you like that song?)

I’m loving this mini-review thing! Honestly, I don’t read a ton of novellas, but after checking out these three? I’m looking forward to checking out more especially since here are three authors I’ve never read before and I’m excited to read more of their work.

Stay warm & enjoy, friends!


Holiday Novella Reviews at Rather Be Reading Blog

Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey ( web | tweet )
Publisher: Carina Press/Harlequin
Target audience: Adult

Her Holiday Man is all about second chances: Christina is on her own for the first time in her life after her husband embezzled money and Will has returned to live in his hometown, knowing full well memories of how his life should have been will be everywhere. Christina and her young son befriend Will’s mom (who is dealing with the holidays as a widow) and Will is immediately taken with the enthusiastic and sweet little boy living across the street, and, even more so, the mother who works so hard to take care of her little family.

For a novella, the development of each of the main characters plus the romance between Christina and Will is well-developed even as the couple keeps resisting what is happening between them. I did not want to take one break while I was reading, and I mostly succeeded in that (thanks to huge Black Friday lines). It was so nice to see a family come together, neighbors become friends, and two people come to the realization that life can begin again. (Plus the small town is adorable — so many holiday events!)

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Mistletoe & Mr. Right by Lyla Payne ( web | tweet )
Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark
Target audience: New adult

Jessica is one of the most Type-A characters I’ve ever met in a book before. On winter break from college, she decides to surprise her boyfriend in Ireland during holidays with his family. (Isn’t this ballsy?) She is determined to make a good impression on his family, and figure out once in for all if Brennan is “the one”. (I know. She’s a little young to feel this way but she’s obsessed with following a very specific list of life achievements. There is a reason for her madness; trust me.)

Not only does she hit a goat with her rental car when she first arrives in Ireland, but Brennan isn’t entirely thrilled to see her and his family isn’t exactly welcoming. (They don’t throw her out though, so that’s a plus.) Instead of the romantic trip she was envisioning, Jessica is dealing with family members who don’t even know who she is, a serious ex-girlfriend she never knew Brennan had, and the cute guy who works for the family and keeps catching Jessica at her worst.

All in all, Mistletoe & Mr. Right is more about a girl coming to terms with her own past and realizing that it’s okay to let loose once in awhile. You cannot be in control of everything. So Jessica’s Christmas miracle ends up taken a completely unexpected turn but I definitely liked the way it all turned out. Writing was a bit on the high-drama side (a lot of sentences with “soul” in it) and I would have loved to see a goat or a horse on the cover instead of a dog, but yet another fun read from Bloomsbury Spark! (Oh — and the author’s love for Ireland is so apparent. Loved all the detail!)

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The Reluctant Elf by Michele Gorman ( web | tweet )
Publisher: CreateSpace (originally Notting Hill)
Target audience: Adult

Christmastime & home improvement rolled into one = two of my favorite things! Lottie and her young daughter head to Wales when Aunt Kate lands herself in the hospital after a terrible car accident. Unable to take care of her bed & breakfast due to her injuries, Lottie is positive she can handle the stay of a big reviewer and his family especially because her aunt desperately needs the exposure. When she makes her way to the B&B, she’s surprised the house is in such disrepair and is forced to do whatever she can to make it livable for her guests. Enlisting the help of Danny, a full time cab driver and part time sculptor, Lottie is forced to think on her toes in order to host the perfect Victorian holiday.

Guys, this book was so utterly charming and laugh-out-loud hilarious. I loved how wise Lottie’s daughter acted (reminded me of Susan in The Miracle on 34th Street), and the funny way Gorman framed so many of the scenes in this book. As you can imagine, so much went wrong (Lottie is a video game designer and has no experience in hotel management) but there is also so much that went right. I loved the mother/daughter relationship, sweet Danny who is a devoted long distance dad, and the B&B backdrop so much that I would have welcomed a full-length book with these characters!

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All holiday novellas in this post were supplied by individual publisher for honest reviews. (Thank you!)

2 thoughts on “Three Holiday Novellas (And a Partridge in a Pear Tree)

  1. Alexa S. says:

    Whenever I see you post about holiday novellas, I always want to snatch them all up! I love reading things that will let me revel in the holiday spirit. Of the ones in this post, I’m most intrigued by Shannon Stacey’s novella, since I’ve read and loved a book by her before. But the others sound great too!

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