Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Books (from 5 Authors) We’re Thankful For

What a perfect topic for this week!

Over the past year, we’ve both discovered a ton of authors that we love. Today we are celebrating our go-to authors, who write the books we can’t gobble up fast enough. No matter the title, we know their books are a sure bet.

So this is our twist on Broke & Bookish’s Tuesday thankful topic. Without further ado, 10 books by 5 authors who get our vote time and time again.



Authors + Work E's Thankful For

adele griffin:

1. All You Never Wanted: A review copy that set me on a rampage to read any Adele Griffin I could get my hands on. This book is about sisters, lies, and secrets when a family is torn apart by their new money and pressure to fit in. I fail to come up with the right words to classify Adele’s writing but it’s crisp and to the point. But not impersonal. Her stories are complex, kind of dark, and full of hidden treasures. (My review.)

2. The Julian Game: This was a book I just picked on a whim, and whoa. A story about some high school girls and hidden identities on the internet. Popularity and boys. Same kind of dark twistiness I expect from Adele with much complexity to her characters’ storylines. Review to come early next year but I definitely enjoyed this one.

jennifer e. smith

3. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: Ah, the book that put Jen E. Smith on my radar. This was literally the first released I marked on my calendar, and whoa, did it fulfill all expectations. What I love about Jen’s writing is how it is so well-crafted, and she continues to surprise me with surprise depth in areas I never thought would mean so much to the story. (My review.)

4. The Comeback Season: I’m a huge baseball fan and I still can’t get over at how amazingly Jen weaved the history of the Chicago Cubs with the story of a daughter grieving her dad. It’s absolutely heartwrenching but never over the top, and just, a beautiful story that hurts my heart. It’s become my favorite out of the Jen E. Smith canon. (My review.)

J.H. trumble

5. Don’t Let Me Go: Oh man. This book hit me in the gut. The main character is dealing with a long distance relationship and being open about his sexuality in a school and a town that is not very accepting. The writing is powerful, but never preachy and whoa, you know you like the book when the character makes some frustrating moves and you are hanging on. I called it one of my best reads of 2012 and that still rings true. (My review.)

6. Where You Are: Trumble’s second book won’t be released until December 24 but I was luckily enough to get an early copy. I went in with pretty high expectations and you know, Trumble did it again. A book about a relationship between a student and his teacher… tons of complexity, whoa emotions, and amazingly relatable situations. I was literally closing the book and breathing very hard because it was all so real. I plan on reading it another time through before I write my review. Another thing, even though Trumble focuses on LGBT… she does it like it should be. A love story about two people dealing with challenges that don’t discriminate.


favorite rather be reading author courtney summers

courtney summers

7. Some Girls Are: This was my first book of Courtney’s to read and I devoured it. I read it in less than two hours and immediately requested absolutely everything else she’d written right after. I read all of her books (at this point This is Not a Test hadn’t been published yet) in less than a week. She’s honest and authentic. Her writing really speaks to me and whips me right back to how I felt as a teenager. Some Girls Are is about bullying. It’s not easy to read through some parts, but I 100% believe this book is necessary in today’s society where bullying is so prevalent. Teens need this. (My review.)

8. Fall For Anything: I believe this was my first book (or one of the very first) to read about suicide. A father commits suicide and his daughter is on a mission to understand why. Again, not an easy topic to read about, but even as someone who hasn’t gone through that situation, I felt every emotion and felt so strongly connected to Courtney’s writing.

rather be reading favorite author sara zarr

sara zarr

9. How to Save a Life: Apparently I like extremely touchy books because this one is about a girl who loses her father. Her dad was like her best friend and she was never very close to her mom. When her mom connects with a teenage girl that’s pregnant and allows her to move in with them until she has the baby, Jill freaks out a little. She feels like her mom is trying to replace her when she announces that she will adopt the baby. (My review.)

10. Sweethearts: I think most people can connect with the emotions involved in losing a friend or with how friendships evolve and change. (Sometimes not always for the better.) This was another one of those quick reads for me. There is a lot of secrecy surrounding what happened to Cameron Quick and I just needed to figure things out. Immediately. I’m the type of person that has mourned friendships that haven’t worked out, but this book made me realize that even though some of them have been temporary, they’ve still impacted me and I’ve grown from them. (My review.)

honorable mentions (because of course 10 books weren’t enough…)

11. Stealing Parker: Miranda’s books are full of awesome characters (that bleed over between novels so you get to see glimpses of couples you loved in multiple books) and very real situations – family problems, trouble defining relationships, abandonment, etc. I wish a new Miranda book came out every month. I would be the happiest girl on earth if this were real. (My review.)

12. Saving June: Ok, so I know I sound uber depressing today since this is another suicide pick, but I promise it’s amazing. It’s full of a great music references, a boy character that made me laugh out loud at his forwardness and insensitivity, and so much emotion. Highly, highly recommend this one. (Actually, both of Hannah’s books are incredible. Read ’em both.) (My review.)

Please note: I promise I’m not sad and depressed. I just really, really like touching, emotional stories.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Books (from 5 Authors) We’re Thankful For

  1. Lori says:

    I really need to read Adele Griffin’s books. They definitely sound like my kind of thing. 🙂 Great choices, ladies! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    Jennifer E. Smith, Courtney Summers, Sara Zarr, Hannah Harrington! So much to be thankful for in their writing 🙂

  3. cass says:

    Can I just say… in additiion to adding Sara Zarr to my radar as well as Jen Smiths Comeback Season, the graphics in this post are frickin AMAZINGGGG.

  4. Julianne says:

    I haven’t read any of these except for Saving June, which I enjoyed, but you’ve both explained your choices so thoughtfully that I’ve got to investigate more!

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