Why in 5: Linda Lael Miller’s The Marriage Season

The Marriage Season by Linda Lael MillerThe Marriage Season by Linda Lael Miller  ( web | tweet )
Published May 26, 2015 by Harlequin HQN
Pages: 304 | Target: adult
Keywords: remarriage, small towns, single parents, best friendship

Summary: Bex is always taking care of someone else; it’s about time she starts paying attention to the good looking single dad she keeps bumping into (whether it’s accidental or because of her best friends).

The Brides of Bliss County series is so fun because it centers around the lifelong friendship of three girls living in Mustang Creek. They all made a pact to find their happily ever afters, and now it’s Bex’s turn. Here’s 5 reasons you should toss this book into your beach bag:

  1. True friendship: Bex might be fiercely independent but she knows when she needs her girls. She also knows to be prepared for hang out time with snacks (can you imagine the darling bakery they probably came from). That’s what I call a friend. These girls know each other so well, and especially know when to call each other out on their crap.
  2. Two people just about/almost kinda ready to move on: Bex’s love, Will, died Afghanistan and Tate is a widow, raising two young boys on their own. There’s more to both of their stories (I love where Miller went with Tate’s) but as the reader, you know from the start these two can help fill the void in each of them — even they were both already established as people who embraced the detours they’ve hit, and lived satisfying lives.
  3. There’s no right way to fall in love. Miller’s a classic romance writer, and I love that familiarity but she also pushed and pulled our characters together in a way that didn’t fulfill some of the more traditional timelines in romance novels. I loved that. Definitely an emphasis on maturity, and less on drama — which fit Bex and Tate’s characters perfectly.
  4. Kids! I never realized quite how much I love having kids a part of a story like this one. You get to watch a character fall in love with more than her partner. She has to click with the kids too. Loved having these rascals (including Bex’s nephew, Josh) involved in the story too.
  5. A log cabin. Normally a log cabin would bring to mind images of Abe Lincoln, but this place was so important to this couple’s story… even if there were a little hiccups along the way.

You know you really enjoyed a trio of characters when you get choked up at the final chapter. I hope you’ll take some time to know this loyal threesome soon!

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6 thoughts on “Why in 5: Linda Lael Miller’s The Marriage Season

  1. shokufeh says:

    I just finished the Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, and keep thinking about it. It’s not classified as a romance, but is definitely about love (and the challenges that may be involved).

  2. Leah says:

    Do you do this to me on purpose, E?! I seriously need to get on board with the Linda Lael Miller love – every single book that you have reviewed has sounded fantastic and absolutely perfect for a lazy summer day. (Though I was be all over an Abe Lincoln book!)

    Eep, going through my shelves, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve read a straight up romance novel. Sure, there have been books to include a romance (The Sound of Glass, The Last Letter From Your Lover, Seraphina, etc) but the last ROMANCE novel I read was in 2013. Surrender to Sultry by Macy Beckett. Two years ago. Help me, Obi-Wan Estelle. You’re my only hope.

  3. Grace @ She Reads Things says:

    I usually don’t read adult romance books (YA is my choice of poison!), but this book looks great! I’d say that the last books with a good romance component that I really liked would have to be The Longest Ride and the Nantucket Series. I absolutely adored those books!

    -Grace 🙂

  4. christy says:

    Beautiful cover! I just finished a so-so NA romance and am currently reading a romantic suspense. As far as favorites this year, I enjoyed “Burying Water” by K.A. Tucker and “Cookie Cutter” by Jo Richardson.

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